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The 13th of Friday

I don't know if I'm secretly psycho or simply enjoy superstitions but I get excited about Friday the 13th. As a horror lover, the marathon of Crystal Lake goers mesmerizes me as if it's my first time n I don't know the fate of horny teens that bump into a hockey mask'd killer. The black cats get avoided n we steer clear of ladders right? or just me!! Nonetheless, welcome to the first unlucky date of the year.

Horror Sweatshirt
Sweatshirt by Within Peace

The psychology study-er in me is fascinated how easily influenced we grow up to believe in superstitions or associate this date as a bad omen. I do believe the phobia is starting to fade as these new kids don't play into it or they just don't care aka fearless!! Does that mean buildings will add the 13th floor? Whether u play into the myth or not, u can't deny a few tragedies that have happened on this deathly dark day liiiiike Tupac who died Sept. 13th and eleven years ago on TODAY (Jan. 13) a cruise ship crashed off the coast of Italy, which killed 30 people.

Take advantage of the sales that celebrate this day; Wendy's gives out free fries for #Fryday n tattoo shops love to take advantage of the quirky "holiday". If ur wondering...the next time this happens is in October so u KNOW it'll be litTy becuz we celebrate all things spooky for that month. Also, feel free to bookmark this post as a reminder we have a large asteroid on the way. It'll fly close enough to our planet where we can visibly see it without a telescope (per NASA). On April 13, 2029, Apophis will be within reach n I'm hoping it won't be cloudy that night.

Oh...and if ya feeling lucky, don't forget to play the Mega Millions which is over a BILLY!! I gotta remember to put my bid in and I won't be stepping on any cracks or splitting the poles on the way into the store!! Happy Friday the 13th **cue evil laugh**

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