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Table Tawk

I've never had a man ask me what I bring to the table. I would be offended actually if he did but it would also reveal I am not on my game n I'd question my energy I'm putting out since it precedes me. The problem I see during these conversations is we tend to rattle off what we do: cook, clean and **cue other domestics n sexual abilities** which totally mean nothing to a grown man. Scrap that shyt. U clearly ain't spending ur monies on em anyways so ur degree n job doesn't help them. Yall aint given these dudes no random "Bae Bags" for just thinkin of em n Father's Day ain't til June so don't lie as if u treating em to anything outside the ordinary.

A woman who wants for nothing gets everything
-April Mason

Define urself by who u are n not by ur accomplishments. When I meet someone n have an intro convo, by the end they don't know where I work, what I do n nothing of an educational background becuz it's nothing I lead with. What money can't buy is my youthful-ness n fluidity to be a peaceful place. I maintain a pleasurable life and have a passion with bloggin so I'm a good dmn time to myself and with myself.

When u have ur own life and adventures, it's alluring to them. You need to come in their life n amplify what they got. Your companionship and intellect inspires them n they'll be putty in ur hands. How u make em feel with ur presence makes the difference to separate u from the pack. I see a lot of yall are socially akward or don't know how to allow a convo to flow. Often times they just need u to be a listening ear. I'm easy to talk to cuz this is a no judgement zone n I love a deep convo. Just be YOU!!

The Art of knowing what it is to BE a woman and not what we DO as women will propel u to attract who ur lookin for. Make urself what ur tryin to attract n stop trying to make these clowns u entertaining something they not. We have no time to waste no' mo'. Be open to receiving ur blessings! Yes u can do it urself-esp if u've been single for so long but I tell yall all the time...I'm a damsel in distress when men are in my vicinity; I love to hear "let me get that for u" oh hell yea u can. Learn the flow laydeez n the chatter of table tawk needs no response becuz the question answers itself by how u show up.

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