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Spring Forward 2023

Reminder!! Reminder!! Reminder!! These are the last few days to enjoy an extra hour of sleep before we SPRING FORWARD!! Yup, this Sunday when u wake up, you'll wonder why time is moving even faster with losing an hour. The sun sticks around a tad longer n the moods should somewhat change with brighter skies.

I love this time of the year. U can hear the birds chirp earlier n it's easier for me to catch the sunrise thanks to my body clock. I'm most looking forward to warmer weather...although we haven't truly had much of a winter, the air is crisp off the early morning n morning runs by neighbors remind me to get off my azz. Whether u love or hate the time changes that occur twice a year, if federal legislation doesn't approve the fight against the ritual, we will FALL BACK to gain an hour in November. To spare u the legal jargon, Congress has to approve cancelling these time jumps despite 22 states having 50 bills pending on policy agendas.

Becuz I do understand it can be quite the adjustment, I have a few tips to help out. One is taking short cat naps. Now this may be due to aging lol but sometimes insomnia can kick in while ur trying to adjust. During the lockdown, I would take 30 min or less naps on the balcony or across the street laid out by the lake becuz something bout how the day light can help regulate the internal clock. Getting more light n cat naps will help do the trick!

The beauty of seasons is the change. Skincare routines included. I start switching to lighter moisturizers n less exfoliating as needed. Change out air filters in the home along with fresh batteries for smoke detectors. While we may "lose" an hour, we will surely gain some energy.

How do u adjust to the time changes? Are u Yay or Nay to vote in making in permanent? Let me know ur thoughts below.

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