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Sip Trip Saturday: Cafe Du Soleil

This weekends #SipTrip is sponsored by me lol with a visit to Cafe Du Soleil. I recall this place as a recommendation from my girl Jenn of Redlipsandpassports (IG). I had a coffee date here last year and really enjoyed it. I kept it in my notes to revisit and here I am!!

Cafe Du Soleil is nestled in Old Town Alexandria, VA offering organic coffees, fresh baked and French inspired dishes. The atmosphere makes u stay awhile becuz its so comfy and furnished with couches. I skipped the crepe this go round and sipped my Salty N Sweet latte (it's like a white mocha w/pumpkin spice) n did what I did best-Sip n Pose!! I loved the book offerings and the staff was friendly and very accommodating.

Speaking of accommodating...they offer a wine club for u lovers and host wine tasting and pairing recipes in the lounge area of the cafe. There's a whole wall of wines and as a newbie in the game, I wouldn't mind stopping in for wine tasting. I will have video footage on my IG (@ballsofbeautyblog) and Tik Tok (@daintylaydee) for more visuals.

The weather in the DMV was soooo perfect when I went to visit and it was a good 70-ish degrees. You can walk nearby to the water and park to enjoy the scenery. Yall know I'm up early so by 0900a the town was up n out with walking their dogs and families goin for jogs. Stopping at this local cafe was a good jolt to start my day. I will definitely be back to try more latte flavors and stay a while longer for a crepe. Check them out if ur in the City of Alexandria!!

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