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Sip Trip: Mom & pop

This weekend's #SipTripSaturday was suggested by my good friend Taj. She owes me a coffee date good thing I was able to preview it beforehand. This spot is located in the Mosaic District in Virginia. If it just so happens to look familiar, it's becuz it falls under the Dolcezza franchise for gelato. I've been to the one in City Center DC n a kids scoop was perfection to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Luckily for me, I just so happen to be in the neighborhood awaiting Nordies to open. This spot is less than 10 min from Tyson's so timing was perfect. Although there's so much to do in the Mosaic District **whispers n points to Target across the way** starting the day off in Mom + Pop's was refreshing. I love smaller cafe's becuz it's intimate n homey inside. The staff welcomed me with a smile n was patient as I debated my order. The sniffs of fresh baked goods lingered throughout n I settled on a Dulce de Leche latte.

This was a smooth cup of coffee n the right amount of sweet. From their website, "We offer at least 4 single origin coffees and 1 decaf coffee, receiving fresh roasted beans every Wednesday and featuring 2 different brewing methods. For those on the go we serve a coffee of the day brewed on a Fetco brewer, and for those with a little more time, we offer 4 single origin coffees using a Chemex coffee brewer, delivering a more nuanced, full body coffee". makes sense! They find the right roasting level to achieve the sweet chocolate notes with a hint of hazelnut. Will I repeat the visit? Yes!! I can plan a full day here esp if u wanna people watch. Definitely check them out: Mom + Pop for an exquisite combo of espresso n ice cream.

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