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Season Finale

Aaaaah the heat n humidity has died down for now-thank u yeezuz!! I can't stand the high temps n pretty much been hibernating as temps soared. Where is Fall? When does Pumpkin Spice season begin? Patio furniture is on clearance n the racks are being cleared of bathing suits n summer wear. Yesssss....closer to my dreams!! I look forward to the first day of school as kids gather with excitement waiting on the buses n teens go back fresh as they low-key missed each other. The sense of a different kinda quiet in the streets is what I look forward to hearing as the neighborhood is EMPTY!! Labor Day is the Summer Finale...with that being said...I'll be doing a full roll out to showcase my summer in a nutshell.

I've totally slacked off from tending to this space...I should be in the groove of TWO post per week n there's no excuse as to why I haven't. I am totally accountable to not utilizing my time wisely n will stop depriving yall of my greatness. Trench season is sneaking up n for Fall I wanna show off some blazers. I'm feeling like Pookie cuz I owe a lot of people...a lot of people Pook!! I'll just be photo dumping n learning how to create videos while juggling reels n peeking into Tok's to Tik haha.

Don't fret...I'm getting back in the groove! I appreciate u for ur patience though. I know I am within "prehistoric" times of even writing blogs when the "new" thing is YouTube and TikTok. Slow n steady wins the race...I'll be dropping posts at my pace (dmn I should've been a rapper). Stay Tuned...I have events to share, Werk Couture n updates :)

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