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Rogue in Ruffles Couture

Let me start off setting the tone for this post with explaining the title...Rogue in Ruffles! The intro pic alone is what represents the "rogue". Why? Becuz although the general reader's eye isn't geared to focus beyond the focal point (me), as a content creator what I was "suppose" to do was trim off the trash can photobombing near the bag, lol. Now that I've brought that to ur attention to where u can't unsee it n more than likely wouldn't have noticed it had I not pointed it out; let's get to the Ruffles of it all :D

Ruffle Linen dress from catwalk boutique in DC
Clutch: IG @shopvintageboutique

To tailgate off the rogue-ness...I can promise u although it may not look like it...I most definitely STEAMED TF outta this dress n between leaving the house n the car ride, my hard work from last night looks to be in vain. Again...general readers eyes vs creators eyes. Trust it didn't stop this show and u gonna get these ruffles.

During Spring of this year, I attended an event Jess of Cappuccinos and Consignment hosted in DC by c.a.t.walk_boutique which is always a grand time of laughter, mingling, champs and SHOPPIIIIIIING!! It was there where I'd try on this gorgeous dress n fell in love.

Rogue in Ruffles Couture: This 100% linen dress by way of Lorena Laing of Australia is hand crafted with a technique giving its unique look. I absolutely LOVE how it's a simplistic dress that can be worn front or back (versatile) yet the details with the tie around the neck line and the buttons that cascade down the middle. My favorite part of this dress which takes the simplicity up a notch is the ruffled sleeves.

Thank you to Ms. Carolyn for a smooth sailing payment plan becuz this dress IS an investment. When I say investment, I mean (for me) an amount I don't impulsively buy due to being in a one income household. I knew I had to add to closet becuz it was so well-made I could grow with it. The versatility allows me to dress it up or down and it just flows as u walk. The imperfection of it all is in the hem (also rogue) which isn't clean cut. It low-key gives it personality n totally matches my style-to hell with perfection!

Jimmy Choo dupes by Nine West
Jimmy Choo dupes by Nine West

vintage earrings
Earrings Gifted from Mama Kay

The motion of the dress gives an airy gesture n off the shoulder squeals delicate n soft for women wearing it. Aside from HELLO POCKETS, the fact that I could get through snapping pics in the heat n my body NOT be sweating was impressive. I felt sooooo cool under hear which means...I WILL be investing in QUALITY pieces such as these more often than not. This ain't no linen blend chile!

I could've snapped pics all day in this dress by Catwalk Boutique. Definitely check her out whether ur looking for investments or affordable pieces becuz she does have a range for ur budget needs. Ms. Carolyn's customer service is excellent n I appreciate her flexibility as she also offers private shopping. The emotion this dress pulls out draping my body feels GEWD. Whether ur going on date night, brunch wit the girls, errand runs or grabbing coffee-THIS dress covers u across the board.

I couldn't resist turning this post into a Lewk Book of some sorts haha. Pics honestly do it no justice n u can play around with the shape by adding a belt. I prefer the loose potato sack looks (hence my love for caftans) but just know...u gotta put some wrist work into getting these wrinkles out **cue horror scream** You will absolutely see me in this dress multiple times until the first sign of snow.

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