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Road trip to Nashville 2.0

We rung in the New Year 2020 with a road trip to Nashville, TN after I had been wanting to go for quite some time. My parents were in town from overseas and off a whim it was like...ok let's do it. The first half of this trip can be found here. We initially stopped in Knoxville which was about 3 hrs away n we were only there long enuff to get a glimpse of the quaint town.

I am actually getting excited just thinking bout the trip n resurrecting memories with pics. Despite how 2020 went...again...I can't complain about my year at all. My Sole purpose **pun intended** was for my search of cowboy boots. Whenever I watched movies of people partying in Nashville, they always did line dances in funky boots.

Shopping for the perfect pair of boots proven to be a challenge. I was so overwhelmed with the many options Nashville has to offer, I had to pause and not be in such a rush. I wanted the perfect pair of boots to find me! Now me n my stepma can shop for hours on end n go off adrenaline but we had the guys in tow which meant they were left dragging from store to store unamused by my excitement to hunt for my boots.

I had to focus-focus-focus so my boots could find me! We had no success the first night then set our sights on continuing the search at Opry Mills n it was there my true loves were found:

Mystery Boots from Nashville

Just know these boots were truly LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! If "I just knew u were the one" was boots-THIS IS IT!! I toggled on them becuz of the price tag but I swear it was meant to fit me n only me. There was only ONE pair of these inside Boot Barn n I had to contemplate funds I didn't plan on spending. I walked over to another nearby shop, Boot Factory in which I found ANOTHER pair. Clearly, I'm feeling like a polygamist at this point becuz I am in love with 2 diff boots n they are definitely in love with me. My dad put the battery in my back talmbout "get both" but he must've forgotten my salary is BENEATH his **le sigh** Long story daddy blessed me with BOTH!!!

And now I am excited to present to y'all my Bae's #BaeBoots lol. Surprisingly, we've celebrated our year anniversary this month and with many more to come...

Pink cowboy boots from Nashville
Main Bae from Boot Barn
black and white boots from boot factory in Nashville
Runner Up Bae from Boot Factory

I've been keeping these hidden from y'all so my apologies. I never gave them a proper reveal with a photoshoot until now. I knew when picking boots I didn't want anything plain. I didn't come all that way to leave with anything less than spectacular. They both represent my personality and love for color n design. I have the best of both worlds. I paired these with an outfit making Bae Boots the main attraction becuz I can they not. Next post to follow will show how these babies shine!!

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