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Red Lips Of Love: MAC Relentlessly Red

Day 23: MAC Relentlessly Red

Now THIS is the retro matte the infamous Ruby Woo should've been! It glides on far better than the woo and leaves a lovely stain throughout the day. I love how its a red but not allllll the way red as it's like a coral red n a tinge of pink which gives me the best of both worlds actually. I love pink n red without it being an apple red.

This pinky red has some dupes even tho this is a permanent shade at MAC; All Fired Up is similar. I am just impressed to have found a retro matte that doesn't abuse my lips per swipe lol. It definitely has a great color payoff and will last until u scrub em off. Mattes make me feel-grown and I always prefer it over glossy lips becuz my skin glows (aka get oily throughout the day lol) and I like a flat face with contour to bring dimension to it-I lingo lol. Nonetheless...this is a gorgeous shade that I'll probably keep at my desk at work to brighten up my boring face of just brows n mascara **whomp whomp**

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