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Red Lips Of Love: Electric Pink Luster

Day 12-13: Sephora Electric Pink Luster (discontinued) + KVD Santa Sangre

I was playing around with this combo on Saturday with using Pink Luster alone then I added some KVD Santa Sangre n VOILA!! It seemed to match my dress. The electric pink alone is a vibrant "luster" matte. Whatever that means lol, it was a matte but not a long lasting one n dried down tacky.

This was from the earlier makeup times when lip stains was hitting the market n they were trying out different finishes. This is a formula I would wear under something to tone down cuz its just too bright to wear on its own. I must randomly lips have been taking a beating since this challenge lol. All these dmn mattes n what not. I have found another small stash of reds so I don't have to keep reaching for my...what seem to be holy grails.

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