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Pink Friday anniversary

OMG!! Where were u TEN years ago when #PinkFriday dropped? I was just getting into makeup that year and was busy saving lives when I was anticipating this Mac x Nicki Collab. I was working on Thanksgiving n soon as the clock struck midnight...I was ON IT!! I inputed a lucky guess of a code "Pink Friday" and voila-FREE SHIPPING (FYI: I hate paying shipping).

This lippie is a good mix of the infamous and Mac's Cult Classics Snob + Pink Nouveau. It's not for the faint of hearts and as a lover of anything pink...I'm proud to have snagged it n have it in the collection. Is it a shade I reached for often? No. But this pink POP allows u to do less as possible on the face.

To be a stand alone shade, it can be intimidating and I wouldn't advise doin so unless u want the chalky freshly dusted wit a powdered donut wit a hint of Tyrone Biggums lips soooo you'd definitely need to doctor it up a tad. My favorite way to make it wearable is to use a brown liner of the sort (Mac Cork/Stripdown/Chestnut) becuz it tones down the pastelness. But for celebrating the anniversary I wanted to keep it PANK!! So I used the combo of....

MAC Shock Value #prolongwear liners which I don't know if they still sell cuz I don't keep up wit the makeup world anymore lol.

So yessss this is nostalgic for me to whip this out n for it to be a whole azz decade this lip still wears well and hasn't turned (**eyerolls Tom Ford**) It's limited edition (LE) so sorry for u if u missed the drop or didn't wanna pay over the value to nab it lol n by now I'm sure there are plenty of dupes wit the range of makeup brands that have sprouted since those days-wow!! Ten Years in the game-sheesh!! All my #Mac veterans surely didn't miss this moment 4 life ;)

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