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Pastry Couture

Darlings Darlings..viens, viens ! Partons en France et savourons des croissants mais faisons-en la mode!! Ooooh look at me utilizing the English to French translator on u heaux, lol. I wanted to pop in during breakfast time to share these adorable finds n statement pieces to zhuzh (zoosh) up any outfit.

Remember...this is the Year of Simplicity n these recommendations fall right in the line of "minimal effort with maximum effect" es-tu prêt? Allons-y...

YALL...stay with me right fast. After the holiday's I randomly came across these earrings in Nordstrom n said...oh these are oddly cute. I didn't think anything of them but to admire them from afar ESP since they came wit a whopping price tag of $335!!!

But it kept nudging me and now I'm contemplating emptying out my Nordies gift cards n fasting in order to take a bite outta these beauties.

I left it alone for weeks! As my bday was coming up n these were STILL on my mind which means...lock in n GET EM!! Bein the fiscally responsible shopper I am TRYING to be, I became a private eye to research for a gentler price cuz after bank account be looking flaky, lol.

In between watching vids n lookin for reviews, I peek back into Nordies n it says "ONE LEFT" Oh Mon Dieu (OMG)!!! Is someone clocking my keystrokes...O_o ok ok ok....I pay the 5 Gina n now a sigh of relief. But then I get the infamous ORDER CANCELLED notification:

(or Look at Gawd) I did all that visualizing n fantasizing only to be knocked down n left doing a dramatic wall slide. But fret not...cuz remember I was looking for dupes...and don't bother...they ain't hit Amazon yet cuz that's where I started n to no avail lol.

Although I missed out on the Jacques's...I saved a whopping Three Hundred n Twelve Dollars becuz these dupes set me back $23!! Oui Oui Oui and while I am no gatekeeper n totally ready to share...unfortunately...the Etsy store (order from Portugal) is no longer available!! **cue same horror scream from my cancelled order news** It saddens me becuz these are bout the closest dupes you will find at the moment (the tips will tell it all) n they hold some weight to em enuff to give the designers a run for the money! While I was ready to pay the 5...who don't love the WIN of a save!!

BUT...n'ayez pas peur mes chéris!! I got the next best puff pastry to satisfy the hunger n u can also add butter baby!!

Now these ARE available and I'm able to gladly share the options. To be honest...I was more excited for these than the bigger ones becuz I am a studs kinda gal n I knew I'd wear these more than not. I also came across a cute set to partner with my baby croissants since I have 2nd holes in my ears to utilize.

Aren't they soooo adorbs!! Kudos to moiiii for the idea to pair em up in such a way where we can wear croissants but make em fashion and VOILA...Pastry Couture!! The croissant studs are from Viner Jewelry (based in UK) n also come in silver (I just prefer gold) and the butter studs from Blooblee Jewelry (based in ATL). So let's head back home....

To those who made it to the end of the trip...Merciiiiii. I hope u all enjoyed my finds in which apparently I'm a tad late to the party, lol. The croissant trend was so last summer or so but nonetheless...I don't follow trends **shrugs** n u will surely see these draping my ears. If the Jacquemus dupe plug becomes available, I will let chall know n update the post accordingly. I've had great experiences with the vendors from my Etsy orders n they've been responsive in communications so 5 stars for sure. Let me know if u grab em...wear em n tag me!!

Bonne pâtisserie et bonne journée!!

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