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Pandemic Purchase: Bose sunglasses

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

One of my Top 5 Pandemic Purchases have been these Bose Audio Sunglasses. During a random search one day on lockdown, I was thinking how cool it would be to have some smart glasses and BAM!! My dreams were answered-slightly lol. I began researching 'em becuz I'd never heard of 'em before n paused on the price: $200!! Now I am a sunglasses whooooore n never been one to spend a lot of money for some sunnies so I was taken aback-yet still intrigued. I pondered on it for a few wks then said phk it n went for em!

I grabbed them from Target to use my red card n soften the blow lol. They come in 2 styles: Alto n Rondo. I chose to go with the Rondo's because the alto's were basic "men in black" lookin. Even tho I was excited to now have these in my possession, I let them sit and marinate (as I do with any big purchase, slight OCD) to make sure I didn't have buyers remorse. Now let me let u in on a secret...**looks around**...come in a little closer...I AM NOT A TECHY!! I am only giving u a basic review-DASSIT!! if u wanna know the specs n velocity of shyt, do ur googles!!

Ok so I built myself up to unwrap the box n take em for a spin, they started out with a good 70% of battery power and I connected em to my phone. Easy peasy!! Went out for a walk to test em out and fell in loooooove! The sound quality is typical of the Bose brand but I was surprised with how I could still blast my music in my ear yet still be aware enuff to pay attn to my surroundings. U basically have a personal concert within ur personal space! It took me some getting used to becuz I'd wear 'em inside stores to shop and when I got to the register I'd pull them up to hear or talk to the cashier lol. No worries, there's a button on the side to control everything: pause/play/skip, answer the phone/hang up, and turn the volume up n down (w/slight head turns).

Do you NEED these? Yes! Why? Cuz they on sale now lol. They also give the option to change the lenses (sold separately) and they're cool novelties! I knew they'd be practical for me becuz I lost my AirPods (in the house) n they accompany me for my solo retreats aka errand runs. I love wearing shades so sunnies + the convenience of The battery life kinda sucks but isn't a breaker for me becuz im not out all day in them. If I leave on a fresh 100% battery I come back maybe 5 hrs later with 60-70%, from there I keep the remaining charge n go for an hour walk n come back on 40%. Doesn't take long to charge and the set up is pretty easy to connect to streaming services. I also catch myself a tad becuz I wear them indoors on Target n Wegman runs so I'm sure I look like I'm talking to myself while listening to pods and dancing to my own tune with music lol. The charger for it is really short but I also have a backup charger I grabbed from amazon that'll come in handy. I do wish they came with an extra set of lense to swap out but I am fully invested in these-even grabbed a warranty **gasp** Another note: they are waterproof in case u get caught in the rain but don't plan to go scuba diving wit em on thinking they'll hold u up haha. These are definitely amongst the top fun purchases to date n surprisingly stylish which is music to my ears...or in it lol.

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