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Prada or nada

You ever toss a pair of shoes in ur wishlist to ponder on it. The price tag is like eeeh I can either continue my Wegmans run or sautée these air sandwiches. Treat Cho' Self whispers in my ear-too often so I use my "sleep on it" method so I don't impulsively shop. Then the sale monster tapped me on the shoulder to notify me of a sale **gasp**

“Life is short, buy the shoes"

-says the one NOT buying them for u

So here I am...faced with a decision. A decision not on a whim cuz it's been sitting in my wishlist for months since I seen it but the opportunity of a lifetime poses itself...EEEK!! I open the email (I need to unsubscribe to shyt) n size (39) is there...smiling at me. I close the computer but opened it back up like....girl hop on THIS!! Ok...I add them to cart n didn't feel any type of anxiety of guilt so I figured it's the right thing to do. So why haven't I hit submit?

Yall know dmnnnn well I am a lover of anything #PointyToe n also a #ConverseCollector so the merging of these beauties was just aaaah...meant for meeee!! These Prada Point-Toe Canvas Mule Sneakers were placed in my wishlist when it came out for $750 but apparently a price hike snuck em up to $775 so when the sale hit it was like magic...

My heart: So What's it gonna be?

My bank account:

Lets just say...I had to PASS!!! Due to adulting and learning to be more responsible with my chips...I just couldn't hit submit as much as I wanted to. I had already splurged and went over my monthly #Nordstrom budget for the month. I also do my household budget at least 2 months at a time and back to school shopping is around the corner. Although I was kinda sad and kept peeking in my cart I let them linger in...the dark clouds subsided and a peek of sunshine came in after the storm. A glimmer of hope...

These literally popped up after I decided to say Nada to the Prada's...but peep the name of these beauties....I know riiiiight...describes me perfectly cuz I love all things dainty. So YES, I saved a whopping $410!!!! At FORTY, I just need to be smarter these days **looks ahead at retirement** and although I do enjoy my lifestyle n the ability to treat myself; I am choosing my luxuries wisely. These Chuck Taylor® All Star® Dainty Sneaker Mule just became available in white so imma grab those too.

I can't compare how the Prada's feel against these but as a long time lover of Chucks, I have no regrets. Converse have always been my go to instead of sneakers becuz I dress up too much to get the cost per wear in sneakers. I cringe when I have to buy Mason shoes alone at over $200 a pop so I am the chucks or vans kinda gal. I've never been one into designer or the hype of it. Now I doooo indulge in some...strategically but I can assure u I'm not hitting em up every collection or season. When I say strategic...I shop luxury ON SALE and WITH a limit!! I let it marinate n if I keep thinking of it, I may grab it. If it's not there, it's not meant to be n there's no love lost. I also want to CLEAR DEBT!!! My last hoorah of shopping will be during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale n even that might be skimp this year **looks over at unexpected bill** I just couldn't justify the purchase although I'm sure I could've lived in them **no puns intended** I'm just tryin to be grown up these days lol.

Are there any splurges u passed up on? Did u find something comparable? How do u justify ur luxury purchases? Any type of "treat cho self" moments u can't resist? If u are ever out after 11pm n see me on duty for street patrol with a uniform of Skimpy Couture n fishnets with red nails...just mind ya bidness...or tip me well **wink**

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