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Oh...Hey Summer '22

Oh! Hello Summer...welcome, so glad ya came! I totally cringed at that...**BA HUM BUG** I am begrudgingly opening my arms for summer solstice. As we enjoy the longest day of the year, I am gonna be optimistic I'll get thru this short season in one piece. The idea of humidity n sweltering weather has me hiding. I love the listening to the kids playing outside, water splashes from being poolside n the crisp morning air. Nevermind how the underboobs sweat n thighs chaff from walkin as I dodge the sun rays to get to the nearest shade. Imma still make the best of this summer becuz I always recognize not a lot of folks made it.

I have no major plans this summer and taking it day by day. Being in the office more has thrown me off n these past few weeks have been a blur in managing family business. The best part of warmer months is being an early riser. Totally maximizes my day when I catch a glorious sunrise or toss on a caftan for a coffee run before 0800a, come home n straighten up then plan out my day if there's nothing planned.


...but I won't let it defeat me! With the rise of everything being up n hopefully not stuck-I am chillin. Paying off debts n enjoying playdates with friends or luxuriating on my balcony with my plant babies seems to be the safest n most economical place these days! I also recognize The Vid is still present n my score is still set to undefeated. I'm out here wit the record of Mayweather in these streets n feeling like the last man standing lol. movements have not changed from the beginning of the pandemic n to be's gonna be what it'll be at this point-I just don't want it on me!!

So what shall got goin on for Summer 2022? Who getting flewd out haha...we still doin Hot Girl Summaz or is there a new term for us "aunties" lol. Although u won't catch me at large gatherings like festivals n the likes or when the moon is high; you'll more than likely see me sashaying thru the streets of small towns n gallivanting in the aisles of Nordies :) don't be shy...say Hi.


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