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My Style Story

To know me is to know when u see me...I am a confirmation of my mama's existence. I take great pride in honoring Nee-Nee becuz when I was younger she always preached to "take pride in ur appearance before u leave the house". While I've never left the house looking homeless n don't condone bummy couture; I was not always this snazzy. It took me a lot of growth, healing n tiiiiiime to get to where I am now n go the "extra" mile.

It's chuckle-able when I look back at old pics to see my style evolution. It's truly evolved based on life experience n operating in different social circles with a dash of being ME. To find ur style personality, u have to truly know urself n draw inspiration from somewhere or someone. You need a motivating factor! What makes u comfortable? For me, I prefer loose fit becuz I'm don't wanna be self-conscious n steady tugging n pulling throughout the duration on wear. I like the mystique of leaving something to the imagination. Beyond asking urself what's ur favorite color n what's flattering to ur body type; the most important question to start is asking urself when looking for ur style is:

What story do I wanna tell presenting myself to the world?

I keep this question in my mind as I am putting LEWKS together. It's a good formula to use when u purge as well. Typically, ur style changes every 5 years or so. If u fall into the trendy section, ur style changes quicker becuz trends don't last long. Surely ur not still wearing those infamous heel-less Lady GaGa shoes lol but it's easy to fall prey with "fast fashion" stores (i.e Zara n nem). While my flair does change by default, I have a style story.

In general, when u see me, I want u to think regal, retro, nostalgic. This is why I love shopping in thrifting spots n vintage boutique's. I've always been fascinated by how women of the old days dressed. My fashion muse's growing up was anyone from Marilyn Monroe, Dominique Deveraux to Willona from Good Times becuz they embodied sexy n sassy.

When I am being colorful, I wanna display my playful, flirty n approachable side. I enjoyed the decade of the 90's with a vibrant couture. Remember Cross Colours, lol. That's where I transition to Whitley Gilbert n Left Eye from TLC. I shift my muses n pay homage when I tell my style story. I can shop anywhere when I have a mental guide n balance the fashion n style of it all. I can be vintage with a modern twist. Putting together outfits have become therapy! Yes, isn't that crazy lol. Getting dressed is therapeutic becuz I can take my time to see how one piece comes together with additions or changing off a whim. If I'm in confident mode, I don't think too much into it n toss on "anything" but it still works becuz my ME is enuff to carry any look. It's why my dressed down is still dressed up ;)

Overall I am extension of what it looks like to honor my mother (motivation) who was a woman of sophistication n grace in the sense of poise. She was my first style icon to whom I've admired n represented everything of being a virtuous woman. Becuz she is no longer here, this is where I carry her legacy on (inspiration). She is my style story n what I want to present to the world. Once you've narrowed down ur own u can use their image as a guide n add ur own personality for finishing touches. Recreating looks or bringing an old look current is always refreshing. You can do it. Whether ur getting ready for an event or running errands, u are a billboard. Keep in mind what or who u wanna represent with how u present urself to the world n you can't go wrong in life.

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