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Man Crush Monday

Every girl grows up with this notion of finding the man of their dreams. Yaaaaas all those lovely fairytales we seen where we get swooped off our feet by our night n shining armor. Anybody remember playing MASH where you'd put ur crushes in the middle to see who n what you'd end up with when u grew up lol-yea...about that **le sigh**

I don't know who came up with the celebration of #MCM but I think it's a great idea to acknowledge the special man in our lives. Yall know I don't spreading my buuuusinesssss of who my man's be becuz I keep that intimate part off social media. PLUS I know I am very territorial n "if that bytch is fiiiiine they better be blooood" I don't play about miiiiines! However, I said u know what...I think I'm kinda ready to share my love affair wit the world becuz I've been oh so proud of seeing him peek out his shell n go after what he's destined to do. I love listening to his dreams and supporting the moment despite having to kick his azz off the couch of chitty chatty to put ACTION behind the words.

Introducing my baby daddy (one of em lol) to the world as he embarks on letting his creative energies bless us while in The Underground Lab on TUL Radio. I am happy to see him in this space because it's something we've always talked about. He is allll about music. I thought I was the most Jukebox-y-est music lover until I came across Rickey. There are songs I know folks don't know about but he's a good B sider n as a vinyl junkie anything 80's n 90's-HE KNOWS!! Now my catalog starts in the 70's from growing up to Parliament wit the funk to even keeping up with new age RnB of today.

Also check out Rickflections Podcast and follow him on social media platforms to keep up with my maaaaan. I am looking forward of him growing into this space and getting him some business as he lends his voice n music expertise to us. I really hope he shares more of his "hidden" tales from trials n tribulations of fatherhood and growing up in Nawlins...ya heeeeard meh! So we shall see. I'm just proudly rooting for my man crush on this Monday.

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Dec 06, 2021

Awesome congratulations! I really love the way you write thanks for the reminder of supporting the men in our lives


Rick Flections
Rick Flections
Dec 06, 2021

My Heart!

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