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Lent Season: What chew givin up

Tis the season to participate in Lent n give up something for 40 days to signify Jesus's fasting. I've only participated in Ash Wednesday once n it felt weird with someone rubbing dry ashes on my forehead...also note I am not heavily religious to claim nothing but a higher power that guides me so there's that. But I do make slight attempts to "give up" something around the season. Soooo what am I gonna sacrifice?

I will be giving up on NOT giving up. Often times as a procrastinator, the hardest part for me is just starting whether it relates to school, work, exercise...yea all avenues pretty much. I am trying to find a balance with time n management of-to maintain some order with a schedule. I am pretty routine throughout the week n don't start my day without making my bed before moving on to grooming. If you follow me on #instagram then u know I am pretty consistent with how I start my weekends n the errands ran before being IN the house a little after noon.

Sacrificing something for any amount of time is tough n u can easily feel defeated if u don't make it to the end of ur goal. I am determined in not giving up this season. I've been pretty good on track with posting CONSISTENTLY on my blog dropping balls once a week. That alone makes me smile. Eeeeerrrr uuuuh yea **scratches my head n looks away** now if I can only get ON IT n turn in this late azz assignment; nonetheless...I have completed 2 out of 5 classes thus far (my 3rd one starts today) for Spring Semester and I rocked out 4 out of 6 cert classes for a Women's Leadership Certificate from Cornell University. I will not be hard on myself becuz clearly I ain't slacking tooooo bad but yet I know I can do better. I love having some space to grow n giving the current times; I take a deep breather n give myself grace. Once I get a good groove goin though...I be unstoppable n be all in. So for Lent; no I'm not giving up meat (I'm too loyal to chicken) n not giving up chocolate (in order to avoid jail) and I dmnnnnn sure ain't NOT getting #Starbucks or shopping #Nordstrom for no 40 days now....oh nah...God knows my heart. But I'm definitely not giving up on giving up-let me start there.

Do you participate in Lent? What do you give up? Do you go the full 40 days? What have u learned at the end of the sacrifice?

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