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Lazy daisy

I always feel slacky when I let one week roll by...two weeks roll by and almost 3 wks roll by without posting on my blog. If I skip too many weeks, I'll get in lazy mode n it overtakes my creative flow. If you recall, last year I challenged myself to once a week n this year I wanted to get up to twice a week #Fail nonetheless...I didn't stop.

Just forewarning u now...this blog will be a tad all over the place.

Ok so first things first...Hello Fall. I am ecstatic cooler weather has swooped in becuz I am ready to layer and keep my toes out as the temp drops! Becuz I am not a trendy shopper, my style is pretty consistent throughout the year. I don't really put anything up until about October-ish becuz we still tend to have some warm weather peek in here n there and I can wear flip flops all year round. I am not a coat person but I will poncho TF outta yall n toss on a wrap in a heartbeat. I've always been able to park near work n I don't drive wit a coat so it's not been a priority for me to add to my wardbrobe.

This Fall will be a repeat n remix of garments I already have in my closet. My closet has been a struggle to organize and purge for a solid 3 yrs now **cue horror scream** and I am struggling to get over the addiction of adding to it and making my closets overrun me by lookin like a boutique. If ever you're in the DMV area, feel free to schedule a FREE shop my closet to motivate me to lighten my load. was Summer? Glad ya didn't ask haha. I didn't take any lavish vacays to lounge on the beach or hop on any cruises to escape DMV. I actually need to renew my passport, yet I still enjoyed my Summer. It went by so fast, I didn't even realize I barely took a break from work! Now that The Vid is "clearing up" folks are traveling more n booking spots months in advance. I need to get on it n pre-plan instead of trying to be spontaneous n just goooo!

My constants to keep me sane to survive Summer have been my weekend coffee dates with self n window shopping at Nordies. I've even cheated on Nordies here n there with **hangs head low from shame** Neimans!! Between those 2 stores, window shopping brings me joy n satisfies the cravings. Those have kept me pretty content to pass some time. I have no major plans for the remainder of the year other than smaller trips here n there n blowing where the wind takes me....

And how was your summer? Are u excited for Fall? Christmas will be here in a we finish off the 4th quarter-do NOT beat urself up for "falling short" of goals or missed marks. Every day is still a new day to do better, be better n apply what we now know. Dust off n be great!!

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