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How To Clean Your Mirror: Accountability

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I just think it's funny that...**cue long random rant** I woke up on one this morning. The spirit just hit me. I have TWO sons and I want to project and reflect the highest level of a woman I want my kids to bring home to mama. Now don't get me's STILL M.O.B. (mommy over bytchez) but I am protective of my boys n from what I observe these heaux got some work to do before they think they can pass go n collect $200 from MY BABIES!! I'd really appreciate it if we as the female species could start taking accountability of our actions or lack of when it comes to how we date and really speak on the male species we allow into our space.

I know, I know, I's hard to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Over the last decade I've been able to strip myself down n put in the WERK. Brick by brick I've built the house I stand in today n it's a constant battle with myself n petty, stubborn, dgaf side-Kisha wit an E. When I have my losses I know how to pause, reflect n regroup to identify where I went wrong. Again...where iiiiiiiiii went wrong, FIRST. I am surrounded by a lot of great men. I have good relationships of male friends n I ask them questions for understanding of how they operate, what they thinking n just overall get it from the horse's mouth how they feel about how we as women move about.

To set the tone...I will mirror be dirty AF sometimes. I've learned there have been consequences to my actions through failed relationships n lack of communication. I am not perfect n everyday I wake up is a fresh start to move closer to a better me. I am merely sharing what I've learned n sharing in hopes to help someone else becuz if Kisha in her 20's had discovered this...wheeeew!!! Anyhoo...There are plenty of single honorable men who are well established with their own place and the ability to take care of their responsibilities while maintaining they own bills-oh...they can cook and clean! Wowzers right lol. So why do women always roar the infamous "what u bringing to the table" to suitors? Do we ever pause to ask ourselves what is it that WE bring to their table that doesn't involve sexual activities.

I am tired of seeing how women with bad track records speak down on guys in general n the negativity of the bad apples stains over the good men who are already silent n shadowed. You can't ask a man what they bring to the table when u pulling up multiple chairs for the multiple kids n pets u wanna dump in a man lap to take care of in lieu of the many men u allowed to-ok yea I ain't gonna go there **clears throat** u can't be asking no man what they bring to the table n u don't even know how to be to urself in solitude n be patient enuff to work on trauma's that plague ur movement in the present. Why u asking what a man brings to the table when u got insecurities that keep u from discovering a good man ready to love u but u too busy worried bout clocking his every movement n mad he ain't 6'4...huh!! How cooperative are you with communicating with men where ur not yelling over them or press to prove ur point n belittle them? One of my pet peeves is hearing a female call a man a bytch! And it rolls off their tongue so freely but more surprisingly, they be having sons. I don't know about chall but I wouldn't want someone speaking to my sons in such a manner then have the audacity to ask them what they bringing to they raggedy azz table any more than if I had a daughter n a man calls them out their name.

We as women have to do better n it starts with ourselves first. Now that u know better, what chew gonna do about it? Keep complaining men ain't shyt or realize there's a magnetical trait u displaying to attract the type of men that ain't shyt-OOOP! Are u projecting what u reflecting when u look in the mirror?

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