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Gift Guide: Black Men Deserve-VDay Edition

If there's one thing I love to do is shopping. Whether window shopping or snatching an order from Nordies, I can always find solace in the racks. It gives me a glimpse of trends n I've built such a rapport as a regular, the associate's hip me to what's to come n VIP privileges behind the velvet rope. I even get asked if I work there n the pick up section grabs my order before I even make it to the counter cuz they see me coming.

So of course, I couldn't resist updating my infamous Men's Gift Guide for Valentines Day next week. Granted I should've dropped it sooner for budgeting purposes but this was spontaneous. The last one from Father's Day 2021 needed an update for sure. Make note I have suggestions for all ages. Teens to Sugar Daddies. They are simple creatures who need us to give em an extra nudge in things they don't think about...Lets goooo....

If u have teens, then you'd know it takes an act of basically hiding their overly worn n more than likely grown out of clothes. Apparently, high waters are in style now n tattered t-shirts n faded hoodies are COOL :7 Every few months I get him fresh t-shirts n draws tho cuz although I do NOT wash his clothes...undergarments need to be replaced every so often. Jeans stay in rotation of course:

Keep in mind, Nordstrom offers styling sessions and they link u with a stylist to find ur signature look. It's so much fun. I tend to do them once a year n it's perfect if ur looking for a makeover session or to update ur look forecasting trends. You'll LOVE the experience.

These Converse Comme de Garçons ($150) are classics for teens/adults n elevates a simple t-shirt n jeans look. If ever u wanna introduce yo manssss n em to the designer side, we've gotchu covered. I'll reserve my comments on them Balenziaga's to the right. They look like tires to me n I be thinking designers spoofing us to show how crazy we are to spend money on parody's of a shoe! But again...I'll reserve my comments lol.

I'm an advocate for fancy undergarments. If ever u wanna tip toe into the luxury brands or introduce HIM to a brand outside of Hanes-START HERE!! One might think this is a silly splurge but I can only equate how a guy would feel in designer draws in how we women feel with matching bra n panties. Next level for sure. Same with socks. Kids are into crazy socks but I once gift'd guys in my office crazy socks n they FLIPPED!! It was totally outside of the regular black n blue solid sock routine. Let's just say..I left an everlasting impression behind ;)

Jack Black Line will ALWAYS be my recommendation for the male species-PERIOD!! Young to old, Jack is clutch. If ur introducing kids into grooming skills-this is it. If ur man travels-this is it. If he's a simple man-this is it. Jack is affordable, comes in sets n not overbearing. The Lip Balm set ($25) is actually what is goin in my cart becuz I go thru the tubes all year round. I often buy the balms in sets to break em up into single Bae Bags too. Can't rave enuff about JB.

Ok so this is where we slide into the grown folks section. Phk them kids n put em to bed. These are the gifts only folks of age can appreciate. When it comes to cologne, u gotta take ur time when shopping to test it out n let it marinate to see how well it blends. For the kids, I suggest the EDT (toilette) but for grown folks...u need the ED (parfum) n UP! There is a slight price difference in the T n P yet it's worth it:

Burberry Hero ($95 T/$110 P) I sniffed it n let it linger...dried down to a clean everyday scent. It's a romantic woody spritz n u can smell the cedar wood too. It can easily be a new signature scent. Typically my go-to's are Chanel Bleu n Dior Sauvage. Even I stepped out my comfort zone to smell something different.

L' Homme Prada EDT set ($140) kinda surprised me. I almost want this to be unisex in my head (sorta like TF Ombre Leather) becuz for a T, I really liked this. This gives a distinctive scent that doesn't feel like a bear growling in ur ear (lol, aggressive right haha) but it's a sensual patchouli as the base but I'm sure it's the neroli that draws me. I'm actually gonna go back for this one.

Ralph's Club Perfume ($105) I totally grabbed this on a whim to try out. Of all the other options, this chose me! Now while I would say go for the gusto n do the P, u can easily back it down to the EP (the set for $135 has a better value to include the after shave n deodorant). There's something classic about Ralph that I love. This scent captures it perfectly. Cedar wood must be my new fave cuz it's in here with some sage. This will transition him into Spring n another grab to add to his collection.

A man who walks pass me smelling GEWD is divine. Whether he's dressed up in a suit or dressed down in a button up n jeans, random accessories are always a good look for him. Upgrade his wallet, grab a new hat, a belt polishes a look n it ain't gotta be designer. Even sunglasses are underrated gifts for men. Help these men out. Give em a nudge n tell 'em without verbalizing it. The hint is the gift.

Now I know I know...these guides come in a range for all budgets n still cheaper than a Chanel bag lol. Tailor it to YO man. I'm a high n low lover so I mix a lot. High end with a hint of remembering where I came from lol. Men love the gesture of u taking the time to think of them. Laydeez are typically HORRIBLE at gifting cuz they don't pay attention enuff but this is where iiiiiii come in **cue Cassandra 227 voice**

And whether ur gifting yo man, A man, new man, old man....any man @nordstrom has an array of options. They even got a section for ex-lovers n baby daddy's who u co-parent with cuz let's not leave them out lol. That is still a good man Savannah esp if he's active in ur child's life. Gift em a little something to show some appreciation:

I hope u all enjoyed my updated 2023 version of the Men's Gift Guide. These posts be pic heavy n that's just on the low end if I really dive into it. I am open to styling sessions for men, I need to add that to my resume cuz it's a creative flow to bring me joy. I am ALWAYS in Nordies so I keep my eyes open for tips n tricks to share. Speaking of sharing...I have a full Bae Bag section at my Amazon Storefront as well with recommendations.

Good Luck n Happy Shopping :D n let me know what u got or even if u wanna add to the recommendations...leave a comment below.

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2 bình luận

13 thg 2, 2023

Love the picks! I gifted cologne a few weeks ago just cause and a cooking class because he’s getting more into grilling and wanted to learn more techniques. For Valentines Day I chose a cocktail smoker with a cloche because he loves to order smoked old fashion’s.

kisha m
kisha m
15 thg 2, 2023
Phản hồi lại

I love the just cause gifts. Oooh a cooking class...I gotta add that to the notes! You definitely pay attention-smoked old fashions's...I like that.

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