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Find ur tribe, Share ur vibe

So you wanna be a blogger...what u wanna talk about? how do u get started? what do I post? how do I post? when do I post? These are typical questions we ask ourselves when we enter into the content creator world. It can be intimidating and scary becuz there's an idea of what u think it is vs the reality of what it actual is. Once you navigate the initial jitters and find ur niche u will start to make connections that'll reveal the path ur meant to head towards. It can be overwhelming to feel the pressures to keep up with the hottest trends of what ur counterparts are doing or clock the numbers of followers/likes becuz u feel a certain validation to the platform u share urself with to the world. As an small-nano-micro influencer who's literally started from the bottom; I can only give the words of advice as I've learned from experience...

Show up as urself and stay true to YOU!

Initially you feel discouraged if u don't receive the anticipated results of blogging but it's important to remember ur WHY n focus on the intent. Everything else falls into place as they may. Within the last few years I really started taking blogging seriously n promised myself to stay consistent. Once I started focusing on my purpose, the opportunities started rolling in and I was able to find like-minded bloggers who've become friends beyond the screen. You can't please everyone n I don't care to convert folks who can't relate or don't wanna operate in greatness. It feels good being able to attend events and engage online with people who can go off the genuine vibes I display. Learning the politics of blogging has been interesting as u balance the good from the bad. One thing u must learn is the art of networking. We all need each other in some capacity n the building of a team is vital.

Over the pandemic time, I started discovering new shows on YouTube n Lapeef Let's Talk was one of them. I also took to Anton while on the show n started listening to his Millionaire Morning Show which was inspiring. It was a breath of fresh air to nod in agreement so much to someone who was moving in the direction that I am looking to move in. He lives in Detroit and mentioned a visit to DC where he'd have a meetup. I kept up with the deets n showed up-as myself...being myself. The crowd was "super dope" n during meetups u mingle n chat it up with personalities that match n compliment yours. Nothing is forced when ur operating in the essence of urself-everything just flows. My attendance to this meetup led to talking to someone who admired my style n by the end of the convo an exchange of information becuz she felt I'd be a good fit for future opportunities.

Ta Daaaaaa!!!! Can u believe it? Meeeee....Lil ol' meeeeee **gasp** who would've thunk it. I am so proud to present an event I was invited to be apart of next month for the Rant n Mingle. As a little gift for you, you can use my discount code: @ballsofbeautyblog for 10% off ticket price and I'd love to see u guys there :) I just wanted to make a quick testament to those who might be in this weird space of content creations who feel they need to have 100k followers, Steven Spielberg directed videos n reels or Mr. Blanks behind the camera to shoot u on a fancy location styled n posed by Tyra Banks. Don't let these #LuxuryUnboxings fool u to believe u gotta strive to that level to be apart of the cool kids club. I don't go seeking opportunities, they find me becuz I'm able to curate, cultivate and create my blogging space authentic to just being me. I don't stress over the numbers to be seen becuz I love a good marinade.

Toss it out there being imperfectly perfect n stop overthinking it. Just execute! If u wait for the "perfect time" you'll look up n seeing someone else snatch ur idea n run with it. I am still learning on the fly n it feels good I have blogger friends to rely on who assist me as needed. Friendships are important. Fostering relationships make a difference becuz we all need each other. There's no way we can do this alone! Find ur tribe, share ur vibe n enjoy the ride!!

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