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Dear Santa

Welp!! Now that we've completed not just Mason's birthday but also Thanxgiving...let's get ready to sliiiiide into Christmas 2021. Yaaaay **cue Temptations** I will be putting up my tree sometime this week as a start to get me into the holiday cheers of a mood. I love being the gift giver and this year I'm gonna do themed baskets so I'm excited.

What is on my wishlist?? Yall know this is a toughy for me. I typically grab what I want instead of waiting and I am trying to get better....hence this post lol. I'd like to think I'm pretty easy to shop for because yall know where I loooove to shop. The most default of gifts to ever think to get me would consist of gift cards from my favorite places because I collect n hoard them until I cash out for a "Me Day" which I typically take in the spring time:

  • Nordstrom

  • Target

  • Starbucks

Now I cards can be quite boring for someone who wants to put some thought n effort into gift giving so I'll also make it easy...My favorite characters to collect would be anything Betty Boop, Ursula, Cruella and Miss Piggy. Betty Boop n Miss Piggy come from my idols of growing up and I love a good villain so Ursula n Cruella are my fashion darlings.

Now some thaaaaangs I have had my eyes on n holding back from getting myself...are these earrings (currently on sale) I meant to get around Halloween from BaubleBar:

Keeping with the theme I do think these would be a perfect match to decor within my room. These figurines are currently on but also found on amazon and one mo' time... amazon lol. Whether u click on the picks or the'll lead u right to it. Those are the main things I wanna see under my tree. For good measure...lemme toss in some other things I'm eyeballing...

Very rarely do I find Vintage Miss Piggy's unless I'm randomly scrolling when the feeling hits me on eBay so I don't bother too much. In the back of my head, I will be on the hunt for a gorgeous vintage rotary phone for home decor shortly as well. Also, remind me to get one of those robot vacuum things! Now as bad as I wanna ADD TO CART...I am holding off to see what Santa brings me cuz I've been an anti-naughty girl this year and I deserve

**cue evil grin**

So that's pretty much my list...What are you looking forward to Santa putting under your tree? Please share cuz I'm curious and also feel free to tag me to what else to put on my radar-u know...those things u didn't think u needed til u tried it aka enabling haha.

Happy Holiday Shopping!!!

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