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Countdown: Lordie I'm 40

The final countdown is officially ON. I am a whole azz month away from saying goodbye to my 30's n stepping into my 40's. This is where my brain shifts into a different mindset on all aspects of my life. Strategic planning n moving with intentions is critical. Shyt seemed so far away when I was fresh outta HS then BAM-20 yr HS Reunion **cue crackling bones** I remind my younger siblings often...30 comes at chew fast. Next thing u know...u turn into ur parents n think everything is "too loud" lol. You date urself n leak ur age with the "good ol' days" reminisces n rant on the dumb things "kids" (which refer to anyone 35 n under) do or think they've invented not realizing we done been there n done that.

I've always been quite chill. Never been one into the socialite scene so my plans for turning 40 will align with just that. I will be celebrating this milestone moment-lowkey! I'm not big on celebrations for my bday so I don't want fanfares. SURPRISE!!! I don't like the attention **gasp** I wanna be locked away in an undisclosed location indulging in spa services enjoying a quiet solo moment with me n my thoughts. I'm looking forward to working towards set goals I foresee for myself in the future: Bucket list type shyt, Health, Retirement but more importantly enjoying living n doin shyt scared :D

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