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Commercial Break

I have been going hard ALL YEAR thus far. I am proud to have dropped fresh balls EVERY week since January 2021. I've come along way since consistency was tough to tackle. I made blogging my priority this year while juggling school, family, work (still from home) and I appreciate chall for the support and encouragement along the way. I've stepped out my comfort zone with peeking out from the behind the keyboard so yall can put a voice to the face! I love writing n taking pics so combining passions have led to opportunities I am forever grateful for. Ya never know who's watching. I am mindful of my image while still being just me n somehow...someway...yall are crazy as me cuz yall rock with it. Yall have no idea how much I might type n let it linger before hitting PUBLISH. During the time it lingers, I edit n delete becuz we are in such a sensitive era where people can take what we say out of context where there is no malicious intent. Luckily, yall just get me! I am not pressured to post every single day becuz I don't wanna speak without having something of value to share.

Apparently, I'm doin something right lol. I've had people mention me without being in the room. It's led me to opportunities such as being a judge for a pageant, guest starring on a radio show and having the honor of being a guest speaker at a women's brunch in honor of Kanesha's mom, Rose. My wrap up on all three will be posted soon. I say all that to say...don't feel bad for taking commercial breaks. Listen to ur body n give urself a chance to rest and recoup from the day to day habits of life. Granted, I didn't intend to take two weeks off from blogging but it definitely gave me time to refresh n regroup. During my walks throughout the day (it's become a habit), I've been able to have all types of ideas on how I wanna grow with my blog and branding. Oh...that reminds me...I gotta do a re-intro post **jots down notes** becuz every 500-1k followers gained, I like to do an intro for the newbies. So again, THANK YOU for holding me down, checking on me during hiatuses n loving on me. Yall accept me for me n I know I'm not for everyone. I honestly don't wanna be! My blog is my footprint, my diary, my reference with my growth n more importantly-ME!

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