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How to Clean Yo Mirror: The Purge

Updated: Jan 1

Sooo...honest moment...I've been decluttering n purging my closet since **looks up n around** since maternity leave. Sad right...I know. In my head I have every intention of going through my closet n totes to rid of clothes collected from previous periods of my life. I'm an avid thrifter mixed with hunting department store deals n random splurge seeker sooo my stash has extended into Mason's closet. I am also reminded via Rickey on the weekends I have a boutique aka too much n which I snarl followed by an eyeroll. I. Am. The. Problem!! I hold on to shyt that needs to be let go! Why? It's a safety blanket n brings me comfort to know if n when I need it, I know where to find it. It wasn't until I had a true wake up call to help me get my life together.

CLEARLY...I have too much. I was so embarrassed by the closet crash that I didn't call maintenance to fix it for a month. How did I let it get this bad? Coming home to see this hit me to believe-oh noooo my life is in shambles n I need to fix it. First of all...I splurge becuz I can. There are times where I "get em both" n I shop sales but also there's garments without popped tags...I know **hangs head in shame** I've gotta do better!! I was so embarrassed it took me weeks to call maintenance to fix it becuz I didn't wanna be judged-out of ALL the possible emergencies for them to respond closet was on the list smh!!

Since the repair of my closet I've parted ways with a few totes and made substantial space not only in my closet but my life. Clothes aren't the only thing we should purge when necessary. Apart of "doing the work" and "healing" is recognizing everybody n everything don't mean u no good. No matter how loyal u wanna remain u will not advance to bigger n better things life has to offer when u holding on to shyt u KNOW serves u no value. After having dinner with a few blogger gals last week, I went home n recognized...the conversations are so different when u are around like-minded people who got some business going on in their lives that don't pertain to gossip or low level "broke" tawk wit scarcity mindsets. By no means do I have millionaire friends yet we don't operate in a space of excuses or playing victim. I love the connections made through my day one's and friends found on social media who motivate and inspire.

Man, what a time to be alive

You and yours vs. me and mine

Oh, we talkin' teams? Oh, we talkin' teams?

Oh, you switchin' sides? Wanna come with me?

Look at the smile on me...

-Drake; Big Rings

It's time to purge!! Purge thinking u don't deserve. Purge complaining on shyt u have the ability to change. Purge making excuses for time u don't wanna commit to. While u sitting around wit a notebook full of notes on what u wanna do-could do-should do-put some action to it and DO!! Make the commitment to urself and clean ur closet. Get rid of what don't serve purpose in the direction ur moving in and make room for people n things to add value. It has been refreshing to clear my closet and I honestly haven't missed anything I was able to let go. What a relief...just another life hack to living a life of abundance!!

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