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A Star Is Born

My baby is FIFTEEEEEN!! Omg, I am sooo gonna cry in the car. Like seriously. As cliche as it sounds, where does the time go? It was on this day 15 yrs ago where I almost diiiiied. Being 25 and not knowin what the heck to expect; his original due date was the 17th n in typical hard headed male fashion he was not tryin to come out. Them last weeks leading up to...when u are looking fwd to that due date...and that shyt goes by like an unhailed cab-I was PISSED!! Everyday after feels like a decade n I was sick n tired of being sick n tired. At the time, I worked at DC Gubment n in my head I wanted to be superwoman n work up to the day-WRONG! I cut that shyt early to "nest". We was all set n ready! Clothes, infamous mommy bag packed, name was picked (courtesy of my girls in our vintage chat lol) annnnd this little boy was not budging.

During my last doctor's appt, she could see the misery n drainage on my face n did some razzle dazzle up in the cervix n set a date to evict him in case whatever she did, didn't work. I swear it felt like she put her hand up there n did a Kill Bill hand twist to the heart move! Either way, I just dragged my azz home-mad AF cuz the delivery date was set for that next week. His dad who cared not about my suffering n didn't understand my gripe carried on wit his day. As I sat in the bed wit swollen feet, an ungrabbed dorito I couldn't pick up from the floor n remote in hand-I felt...a something!

OMG WTF was that...I felt a something AGAIN n anything after those something's came wit strong sharp azz pains. I called my doctor n dropped the bat signal to his dad. Now here we are dmn near utilizing i395 as a racetrack to get to Washington Hospital. Them somethings are stronger than a Baby Boomers jean crease n so with every contraction his heart rate dropped. I had to get an emergency c-section. Ok cool-even better...I was getting put to sleep-YESSSS!! Let's goooo...

On Nov. 22nd, I woke up n what looked like a storage room then get wheeled to a room. Next thing I know, they bring this rocket head azz baby near my bed. I'm like awww who's this...I was expecting my baby to have some color cuz God knows I don't like LS (lightskin) guys. Then he opens his eyes n they are NOT normal. The nurse checks n confirms he's mine via scanned bracelets. I'm now holding this white baby wit hazel-y colored eyes thinkin..OMG...his daddy is gonna give me the side phkn eye n now we gonna have to go on Maury. After all the agony n pain, I decided to bring him home with us n he's yet to leave my hip.

Watching him grow, I see bits n pieces of myself n I can't do nothing but pause n chuckle. He does some ooooof theeeee dumbest shyt ever n after I shake my head, I figure-Imma stick beside him. To see a little me running around has been interesting. My introduction into motherhood with our son made from love has been one of the greatest gifts. With no instructions n learning as I go. I am far more open than my parents were at his age n I've learned to have open communication to have an understanding as to why he would operate n do the (dumb) things he does cuz we are of different generations. I am aware he has influences amongst the social world n friends so I gotta stay hip n updated in the 'no. Hoooowever, what I have stressed is how he knows right from wrong by now n there are consequences to actions. Life ain't fair n nobody in the real world gives any phks about how cute he is, how pretty his eyes are, how stylist he dresses-THEY DONT CAAAAARE!!!

Mason is a good kid. I remind him how proud I am of motivating him to put his best foot forward n represent me well. He doesn't ask for much. Fairly simple guy! His teachers have nothing but nice things to say on how well-mannered he is and I just want him to push forward and work hard to be of value for society and whatever family I allow him to have (cuz its still M.O.B.). We have all different kinds of convos from his school life, "love life" and future chats. As much as he learns from me, I learn from him and although i am not a strict parent-he knows I'll take it here...bring it there **cue Ike** My sweet innocent angel has a birthday today!! A year older...more responsibilities to gain n the closer to EIGHTEEN we get, I am ever so proud of my baby and if its one thing he doesn't miss-it's love! He won't admit it but he enjoys when i clean his ears as he lays in my lap or when i break up his game to be in his room where he never knows what angle i'm comin at him until i crack a joke lol. He got siced for whatever reason that he surpassed my height AS IF it gives him superiority and/or authority over me-I don't give a dmnnnn if he gets 8 ft tall-YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!!!

So for all his cyber aunties who have been around n watched him grow up...isn't it crazy how you've watched him grow up online. To all of the uncles n "duncles"thank you for being positive role models for him to look up to and I guess secretly chat with **eyeroll** when he's not comfy talkin to me. It truly does take a village and I'm grateful for mine. Happy Birthday to my first begotten son.

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