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01 June 2023

So long to May n Helloooooo June!! We are halfway thru the year n I feel like I'm just getting my footing-sorta; with juggling work n life balance. I know we typically consider this 2nd quarter, I am excited taking it day by day. A fresh month brings on new beginnings n do overs. School is almost out n Summer is lurking. What's on the agenda...

I have some shindig's to attend this month for sure but I definitely will be spending this weekend utilizing my Book'd n Busy Planner to organize my life this month. From balancing bills to (learning to) curve my spending, I definitely NEED to maintain "my books" as a handy assistant.

Am I outside? Yes...partially lol. Yall know I am not press to be everywhere n do everything. Shyt is just too expensive to even breathe these days! I do plan on being the DMV-er I am n enjoy fellowship'n with friends n crabs. May hit a few brunch spots here n there n a few road trips yonder to maybe WV or something...who knows. My Sip Trips are still on n popping. As an early riser, I am down for the drive n will travel for caffeine so keep the suggestions comin. My pre-summer project is to revamp my balcony since its such a sanctuary for my sunrise sessions. I find such peace n tranquility perched on the porch lol. My sister does this thing with carving intentional time for family n I am looking to do the same. The pandemic really put a pause on things n I don't want to keep being the distant family member.

I will hip yall on something I have up my sleeve...I plan on doin a Summer Sabbatical where I take a pause break from social media n totally pour into my blog. Yall know I'm shy soooo I'll do an "intro" kinda video with more of an explanation. I'm nervous n excited n I gotta shut off the noise from these apps to focus n fast for direction.

I know life feels like its moving fast n u may be going thru some thangs where u feeling left behind. Let go of all the things of yester-month n dust urself off to get back in the game for June. Pencil in some time to recharge n reset becuz it's imperative u take care of YOU!!

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