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01 July

Hellooooo July!! Is it me or is the ride of 2024 moving faster than anticipated? How are yall keeping up with the speed? Sheesh!! Although I do like a good ol' Summer time nap, even during the longest days u better be careful to not sleep too long cuz you'll wake up to snow!

I've been keeping cool thus far and also enjoying sunrises on the balcony with coffee in hand and mid day to evening strolls to stay active. I have been able to kick up Pilates with two a weeks over the last month or so n snacking lighter. I sneak "outside" every now n then but for the most part...I'm tightly nit inside whether it's my house or...others!

I always look forward to watching fireworks even though I never really need to go any further than my neighborhood. Outside of the holiday there's TWO major events I am looking forward to this month :D My Sip Trip Meet up next wknd and the #Nsale goin down at Nordstrom starting 10 July. No worries, I am gonna be totally fiscally responsible n not go crazy nor over budget but I absolutely can't wait to socialize in person with my girls <3

I hope July brings u all an abundance of opportunity you've prepared for. Yes, half the year is GONE but lets not dwell on lookin back on what we should've, could've n would've accomplished with more time n resources n use the present time to work on how we gonna get through the rest of the year. By mid-July, I'm gonna get in to Fall planning becuz 22 September is on our azz!!

Goodbye June n Hello kind to me :)

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