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01 Jan 2023

01 Jan: Fresh start and clean slates. It's a year of a reset for the world. It's an exciting time to countdown when the ball drops n entertain the concepts of what we're leaving behind. A new year, new **insert self** as we celebrate the first day of the year. Wow, it only took us 365 days n 52 weeks to get here right lol. Within the last few days or day of, we get reveals. Reveals of new loves, extended love with proposals, upcoming loves with baby announcements and there's an acknowledgement on the circle of life-death where we memorialize those who didn't make it to the new year.

There's a whiff of rebirth in the air. We love the tradition of deliberating what we gonna do next or better into the new year. Resolutions are born! The infamous weight loss journey begins. We talk about shedding pounds n gettin rid of dead weight. I love reflecting on the past twelve months. Transitioning through seasons n watching everyone grow and blossom as they come into themselves. Discoveries are had within twelve months. Strength u didn't know u had until the situation presented itself showed u were stronger than u thought.

01 Jan 2023: The 23 will have everyone calling it the "Jordan" year. Whatever he represented to u-so be it n if it motivates u to make the year great; go for it. I stopped doing resolutions becuz I never stuck to em. I always fell off around March-ish. I tend to stick to themes. Taking it day by day n evaluating every few months n what to tweak n hold myself accountable in sticking to the theme. My concept comes to me by the time my personal New Year hits aka Birthday. I don't like rushing it to stamp by 01 Jan. The keynote of my year marinates and will presented in celebration of another year around the sun. I am excited for what is to come. I'm here for all the superstitions, traditions in the name of prosperity n conspiracy theories of the concept of time (New Years used to be March) to keep the minds creative.

What u got planned for the year? U taking advantage of activating ur inner Jordan to honor him for the year, lol. Is it a new you or same ol' you n just a new year? Whichever u choose, make it great n welcome to the beginning of the fresh year...with a clean slate.

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