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01 Feb: Daily Diligence

Welcome to February. Wow, January didn't seem to take so long this year. I like using those 31 days of the month as a grace period before kickstarting the year with a new attitude in Feb. This is where I get off my azz n put my resolutions or them into gear. Becuz self-awareness is sexy, I can admit...I lack structure becuz I be winging it at times. Over the years, I have gotten better tho becuz I've been improving in the discipline department. Self-discipline is a learned behavior n to master the skill u need to dmn near be habitual in the practice with repetition so it can eventually become a lifestyle.

The highest form of discipline is of the mind. When I create a habit n challenge myself to build discipline I notice I am full of energy n makes life easier. I have a morning routine. EVERY morning I make my bed up. I know if nothing else-THAT is accomplished. I then proceed to start my grooming regimen before I hit the living room. After what may seem like a full production of waking up, I am refreshed n ready to start the day.

I have jazz music in the background while watching Fox 5 DC News n the aroma of air mist lingers throughout until the candle burned takes over. I peek in Mason's room n close the door in typical mom disgust becuz boys are just...ugh...n make my way to my coffee area. My morning routine is completed with making my rounds to my plants as I mists them n check for watering.

Does that seem like a lot? LOL! It's no different than someone with an exercise regimen or meditation routine and when people carve out time to read a book. This type of discipline is what relaxes me. I get up EXTRA early to allot for the time to do so. It also teaches me patience. The most beautiful thing within my disciplined habit is experiencing the grace of a sunrise. OMG!! I love a good sunrise. I've committed to myself to put in the work to achieve goals n adhere to my theme of the year: execution.

01 Feb: What are your goals for the month? What have u learned from last month? I am starting to challenge myself to get up at 0530a to extend my day with production. This production could be exercise, blogging, reading but I look for this time to cultivate more self-discipline in lacking areas of my life. Pushing myself out the comfort zone throughout the week and making strategies a habit will take me to the next level of a fulfilling life.

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Rick Flections
Rick Flections
01 lut 2023

Inspired to set goals.. #1 make that damn bed in the am.

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